Who is Line1 Communications?

Line1 Communications, Inc. is a Tallahassee, Florida based company that has been providing enhanced telecommunications services since 1995. We entered the voice-to-text arena in the summer of 2007. We take a consultative approach to identifying and delivering the best solutions to fit your needs.

How Do I get the Service?

  • Register for a free trial.

  • Send us an email requesting a demo account.

  • Give us a call at 850-205-1111!

What happens if people leave messages in other languages?

At this time, we provide transcription in English only. Your message will still be emailed to you, but will indicate that the message is in another language and you can listen to the message.

What happens if people leave their phone number in the message?

We strive to be extremely accurate when it comes to transcribing numbers. You will never have to hunt for a pen to write numbers down again! Most smartphones will display a hotlink that will allow you to dial the number simply by clicking on it.

Is it automated or people powered?

100% PEOPLE POWERED. The bottom line... No machine can deliver the level of accuracy for independent speaker, free-form speech recognition that people can. Yes, it's slower. Yes, it's more expensive, but there is simply no way to do it better!

How can I get help with my service if I need it?

Just send us an email to, or better yet, give us a call at 850-205-1111. We actually like talking to our customers!