What We Do…

We quickly and accurately transcribe voice recordings and deliver the transcriptions to email addresses and/or text messages.

To deliver the highest level of accuracy possible, our transcription is 100% people powered.

How We Do It…

VoiceMail Transcription

  • If you have a voicemail system or service that can deliver recorded messages to an email address, your messages are simply emailed to us. We transcribe them and email them back to you in minutes.

  • If you don’t have an email enabled voice mailbox, we can provide one that replaces the mailbox on your mobile phone, business line and/or home line.

Quick Dictation

  • We provide you with a quick dictation telephone number that you can call from any phone line to record your dictation, field report or note-to-self. We transcribe it and email it to you in minutes

  • If you have a personal recording device, smartphone, or computer that can send audio recording as email attachments, you simply email them to us. We transcribe them and email them to you in minutes.

Who We Do It For…

Voicemail Transcription

  • People who don't like listening to voicemail.

  • People who don't have time to listen to voicemail.

  • People who are often in situations where listening to their voicemail is not appropriate.

  • People who want to easily archive and search their messages.

Quick Dictation

  • People who don't like to type.

  • People who are often in situations where typing is impractical or impossible.

  • Businesses that want an efficient way to gather reports from field personnel.

  • Organizations that want to data mine recorded information for keywords, trends, etc.